Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge picAs most of you are well aware, the bee population worldwide has suffered tremendous losses over the past few years. If you think about that, it’s a pretty scary thing because over one-third of our food exists because bees help to pollinate the flowers. There are other pollinators, too, that have suffered – like butterflies. (Monarch populations, especially, have dwindled.) As gardeners and farmers, we need to do all we can to save and support pollinator populations. That’s why I was very excited to learn about the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.

According to the Challenge website, the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge is “a campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators.”

Participating in the challenge is fairly easy. I’m already doing several of these things (and, I bet, you are, too); and I’m slowly adding more. Basically, the challenge is asking each of us to help in the following ways:

  • Plant a pollinator garden
  • Support pollinator-friendly businesses
  • Upload a picture of your garden or landscape to their S.H.A.R.E. map, to BEE counted
  • Plant sustainably, creating a healthy habitat for pollinators (decrease or eliminate pesticides, for example)
  • Spread the word!

I already avoid pesticides and grow organically. I have a bird bath, but I should have a separate water source for bees and butterflies, using marbles to fill the container and give the little guys something to land on. I have flowers in my garden most of the season – vegetables, fruits, and some ornamental flowers – but I’d like to add more pollinator-specific flowers.  (For information on how to attract pollinators, see my articles: Attracting Pollinators: Bees, Attracting Pollinators: Butterflies, and Attracting Pollinators: Hummingbirds.)

For more information on how you can participate in the Challenge, please go to the website, One step at a time, we can make a difference….and do a world of good.

Let me know if you’re joining the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.


2 comments on “Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

  1. Hi Rosemarie! I just joined the challenge and forwarded your post to 3 others who may be interested. Thanks for posting this!
    P.S. Your bean salad was very good!

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