The Effects of the Wind

The Effects of the Wind pic While many of you up north were receiving your second snow storm in a week, we here in the South received a cold front that drastically changed the weather overnight. If you know anything about weather, you’ll not be surprised to hear that it was very windy for over 24 hours. I shared Monday that I had to move inside on Sunday to finish my indoor-start planting because of the wind. However, the worst of it came on Monday afternoon.

According to the weather report, we had sustained winds of 25-30 mph most of the day Monday. That doesn’t sound like much, but 30 mph sustained winds can blow quite a few things around.

Yesterday, the wind decided to blow down the trellis in the raised bed that has my pea seedlings – right on top of my onions. Take a look at the feet of the trellis; you’ll see the dirt markings, showing that we had it pushed into the ground at least six inches!

Trellis blown down by wind

Trellis blown down by the wind

I have two teepee trellises out front, and the wind blew one of them down. Each one weighs about 25 pounds.

Teepee trellis blown down by the wind

Teepee trellis blown down by the wind

When I looked across the street, my neighbor had a huge tree limb down in his yard!

Limb down in my neighbor's yard

Limb down in my neighbor’s yard

I’m not sure if we received gusts higher than 30 mph, but several hours of almost gale-force winds sure tossed a few things around in my garden.

Did you experience high winds this week on your homestead?





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