2015 Spring Garden Plan ~ Part 2

Spring Garden Plan Part 2 pic

I know many of you are still digging out from the blizzard a few days ago, and a few of you have more snow coming; so I hope Wednesday’s post about what I’m planting in my grow room this weekend (my indoor starts) got your sights happily on spring. Today, I hope to give you a taste of spring fever by sharing with you the second part of my spring garden plan – the seeds I’ll be sowing directly into the soil after the last frost (the end of March here).

Here are the varieties I will be planting this year with links to where you can get the seed. In many cases, several seed companies will carry the same variety, but the link will take you to where I bought the seed this year.


  • Beit Alpha – This is an Israeli slicing cucumber that I tried last year. I think I found a new regular in my garden. (I hope to get more cucumbers this year – if it’s not as hot and the pickle worms don’t come early.)
  • Boston Pickling – I tried this for the first time last year,  and I’m planting this again this year to see if I can get better production this time. (Early heat and early pickle worms got these, too.)


  • Glass Gem popcorn – I grew this last year for the first time, saving my seed. The seed is expensive, but you’re helping the Native Americans grow and sustain varieties such as this. Beautiful corn!


Although lettuce is a cool weather plant, I’ve had good results planting it around my pepper plants. By the time the weather gets warm, the pepper plants are large enough to shade the lettuce, extending my harvesting time.

  • Magenta Orach – I tried this last year, and I loved the taste and the color it added to salads. I saved my seed to plant this year.
  • Ruby Red Chard – I tried this last year, but the heat got to all my chard. What little harvest I got was very good.
  • Fordhook Chard – a regular in my garden
  • Perpetual Spinach – I tried this last year as a summer spinach (though it’s related to chard). The heat didn’t bother this at all. This is a new regular for my garden.
  • Reine des Glaces lettuce – I tried this for the first time last year, and I love this lettuce! It’s mild tasting and is such a beautiful head of lettuce, you can plant it among your flowers or in your front yard. I’ll be growing this every year.
  • Red Sails lettuce – a regular in my garden and one of my favorites
  • Tom Thumb lettuce – a regular in my garden. Makes a great single serve salad.
  • Red Romaine lettuce – a regular in my garden
  • Buttercrunch lettuce – I didn’t have a good germination rate with this type last year, but I’m going to try it again with a new seed packet.


I can get one harvest of radishes in the spring if I plant at the end of March. I usually put them around my cucumbers and melons.



  • Tom Thumb peas – my first time growing. These plants grow only 8 inches tall, so I’m going to plant them this weekend along my walkway and see how they do.
  • Star of David okra – It’s my first time growing okra, so I thought I’d get the “Jewish” one. LOL
  • Tall Utah Celery – I want to grow celery from seed, so I’ll let you know how it goes. The seed I planted in the fall (wrong time of year) in pots got inundated with fire ants!
  • Alexandria alpine strawberries – my first time growing. I want to plant this in whiskey barrels in my front yard.
  • Nasturtiums – Last year I grew them among my lima beans, but they were overrun with the beans. This year, I’m going to plant them in hanging planters with pockets. I love the leaves in my salads.


  • Fingerling – I’m not planting a whole bed of potatoes this year (I have other plans for that space), but I did buy a couple of grow bags to try growing fingerling potatoes in. I know it’s not a good idea, but I’m planting organic potatoes from the grocery store.


I like to plant herbs all over my garden – in pots around my patio, along my front walkway, and among my plants inside my raised beds.

  • Dark Green Italian parsley (flat) – a regular in my garden
  • Moss Curled parsley – a regular in my garden and my favorite for eating fresh in salads or by itself.
  • Fernleaf dill – a regular in my garden
  • Chives – I didn’t have any luck growing chives last year in a raised bed, so this year I’m going to try growing it along my front walkway.
  • Summer thyme – my first time growing this variety
  • Emily basil – I tried this last year, and I like it. It’s a smaller version of Genovese basil, so I can plant it along my front walkway or among my tomatoes.
  • Holy basil – my first time growing


  • Red Creole and Barbosa onions – They’ll be ready to harvest around the beginning of May. Next month, I’ll be buying Texas Granex onion sets to fill in where the onion seeds didn’t germinate in the raised bed.
  • Italian Softneck garlic – This will be ready to harvest the end of May/beginning of June.
  • Caroline raspberries – I got my first fall harvest from these new canes last fall, so this spring will give me my first spring harvest. (They’re everbearing.)
  • Mary Washington and Purple Passion asparagus – Sometime next month, the asparagus should start poking up through the soil. Yum!
  • Rosemary – My three bushes are doing well.
  • Greek oregano – My plant almost died from being root bound in a pot, but I divided it and transplanted it to my front walkway. It’s doing fine there.
  • Spicy oregano – I almost lost this plant, but I divided this one, too, and replanted out front. Now it’s growing and spreading.
  • Sage – I thought the frost would get to my sage, but it’s doing quite well out front.
  • Lemon Balm – Last year’s growth died in the frost, but new growth is coming up in the pot.
  • Comfrey – Like the lemon balm, the older leaves died but newer leaves are coming up.


  • Key Lime trees – My two trees look pretty rough with most of their leaves gone; but I think the roots are still alive and well, so the leaves will grow back.
  • Elderberries – I planted two trees last year, so I believe I’ll get berries this year.
  • Pink Lady apple tree – I bought a two-year-old tree last year, so I have three more years to go before getting fruit.
  • Granny Smith apple tree – I bought this at the same time as the Pink Lady. Three years to go and counting until first harvest.
  • Reliant, Marquis, and Concord grape vines – I planted the vines last year, and they didn’t do well. They were attacked by aphids and suffered from some kind of nutrient deficiency. I hope to help them do better this year – and maybe get grapes next year.

And that’s my edible garden! I’m planning a shade garden, too, and hoping to plant some flowers around the yard, as well. If you missed what I’m starting indoors (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, and melons), see Part 1.

What’s in your garden plan this year?


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