2015 Spring Garden Plan ~ Part 1

Spring Garden Plan Part 1 pic

While many of you across the country (especially in New England) are buried under a couple of feet of snow, I’m sure you’re thinking more about snow shovels and rock salt than seeds and grow lights. But it is that time of year to pull out your seeds and plan what you will get started indoors in preparation for spring planting. Here in the South, this weekend will be about eight weeks until last frost. It’s now time to set up my germination station again! Last night, I organized my seeds and separated them into two piles: indoor starts and direct sow. Today, I’d like to share with you what I’ll be planting in my grow room this weekend.

There are certain plants that must be started indoors at least eight weeks prior to last frost, and most of them are in the nightshade family – tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. I also start my squash indoors to help them fight the dreaded squash vine borer. Whatever room I have left in my flats, I’ll plant some of my melons (though melons can be directly sown after last frost).

Here are the varieties I will be planting this year with links to where you can get the seed. In many cases, several seed companies will carry the same variety, but the link will take you to where I bought the seed this year.




  • Amish Paste – a regular in my garden
  • San Marzano – my first time growing (my mother’s favorite for sauce)





  • Black Futsu – a new regular in my garden, sweeter than butternut!
  • Burpee’s Butterbush – I tried this last year and prefer it to Waltham
  • Tromboncino – I tried this in pots with a trellis last year, unsuccessfully. Because this can be eaten as a summer squash or like a winter squash, I’ll try this again.
  • Seminole Pumpkin – a new regular in my garden as it’s the only pumpkin I’ve been able to grow here – awesome!


Obviously, I won’t be able to start all those melons in addition to my nightshades and squash. I’ll see how much space I have left, chose a few varieties to start indoors, and direct sow the rest after last frost.

Come back Friday to see the rest of what I’ll be planting this spring. It may not remove the snow from your yard, but it might warm your thoughts as you think about spring.


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