Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds picLast week, I roasted seven ripe pumpkins to make my own pumpkin puree, which I have in the freezer. Within those pumpkins were an awful lot of seeds…wonderful, pumpkin seeds calling out to be salted and roasted. Homemade roasted pumpkin seeds? Oh yes, heaven on earth! And it’s so easy. Let me tell you how to do it.


  • Fresh pumpkin seeds, cleaned and dried
  • Olive oil (a few drizzles)
  • Finely ground sea salt
  • Herbs or spices to taste (optional)

1. The hardest part of the process is cleaning the pulp off of the pumpkin seeds. I worked on that while my pumpkins were roasting in the oven. You don’t have to get every last bit of pulp off, but do get them as clean as possible. Once they’re clean, lay them on a cookie sheet to dry for 24 hours.

Pumpkin seeds drying

Pumpkin seeds drying

2. Once the seeds are dry, preheat the oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Put the pumpkin seeds into a bowl and drizzle them with olive oil – just enough to cover the seeds. Stir the seeds so the oil covers all of them.

4. Sprinkle finely ground sea salt on the pumpkin seeds. (Do not use course ground sea salt or kosher salt.) If you want to add other spices or herbs, add them now.

5. Put the pumpkin seeds back on the cookie sheet and spread them out so they are in a single layer. I like a lot of salt on mine, so I added a bit more salt at this point.

6. Roast the seeds in the oven for 1 hour. Let cool and store in an air-tight jar….if they last that long!

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds

By the way, you can roast the seeds from any winter squash. So, while you’re preparing your butternut and acorn squash for Thanksgiving, save the seeds to roast. You can never have too many roasted seeds!



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