Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 10/25/14

I didn’t harvest much from the garden this past week. Not that there was little to harvest, but because I’m saving the harvest until Wednesday. Why? That’s the day to submit home-grown produce and herbs to the competition at the county fair! By waiting until that day, I’ll have the best harvest available to pick from – and it’ll be absolutely fresh. Yet, in spite of the wait, I still harvested a 2.5 pound pumpkin (well, it fell off the vine unripe), 2 1/4 pounds of butter peas (shelled), my first greens (5 ounces), and 2 tomatoes.


I wanted a salad for supper and harvested my first greens to augment the salad. Tender arugula and escarole tasted wonderfully spicy and sweet, respectively.

Arugula & escarole

Escarole & arugula


Somehow, this pumpkin fell off the vine while unripe. Has anyone ever eaten an unripe pumpkin? Is it like squash? I’ll be finding out this week.

Seminole pumpkin (unripe)

Seminole pumpkin (unripe)

I harvested a full basket of Dixie speckled butter peas.

Dixie speckled butter peas

Dixie speckled butter peas

After shelling, I had 2 1/4 pounds of butter peas. Now that’s a mess o’ beans!

Dixie speckled butter peas shelled

Dixie speckled butter peas shelled


I’m harvesting tomatoes…in October! I love it!

Wisconsin tomatoes

Wisconsin tomatoes

What are you harvesting from your garden?


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