Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 9/27/14

I didn’t harvest as much this past week as I’ve been used to. Between my plants acclimating to the cooler temperatures (flowers everywhere! fruit coming!) and the rain/drizzle most of the week, I had only enough to harvest everything in one day. I reaped a one-pound pumpkin, 5 ounces of raspberries (most of the ripe ones ended up on the ground from the heavy downpours), a 5 ounce tomato (yeah for more tomatoes!), and 2.5 pounds of peppers.

Identification of produce in the pictures begins at the top and moves clockwise.


As I said, a good bit of my ripe raspberries fell to the ground this past week – from one day of heavy down pours and from my not being able to get out and harvest because of the rain. But even a few dozen raspberries make for a happy day.

Caroline raspberries

Caroline raspberries

My green bell peppers are bouncing back. I’ve got quite a few peppers – and flowers – on my plants.

Giant Emerald green bell peppers & lemon drop peppers

Giant Emerald green bell peppers & lemon drop peppers

My chili peppers are looking better, too. I did lose two plants, but I think the rest are going to make it. I harvested another pumpkin, too – and still have 12 more growing on the vine! And, this is my first ripe tomato in weeks, with more coming. It may look ugly, but it’s beautiful to me!


Pepperoncini, cayenne peppers, Wisconsin tomato, my mystery hot pepper, jalapenos, fish peppers, cubanelle peppers, mini red bell pepper, red bell peppers. In the center: Seminole pumpkin

While I was preparing the harvest stats for today’s post – and bemoaning it wasn’t more – I decided to try to cheer myself up by subtotaling how much produce I’ve harvested from my garden this year, since January. Even though this hasn’t been the best year (ice storms, brutally hot summer) and I’m still learning how to produce more in the space I have, I’ve still harvested almost 384 pounds of fruits and vegetables so far! Wow! Yes, I’m feeling more cheery! I’m looking forward to adding to that total in the next two months with my fall crops and my second boom of peppers.

What are you harvesting from your garden?


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