The Mother Lode of Harvests!

Mother Earth News Archive picI’m so excited! I just reaped the mother lode of harvests! No, it’s not baskets of ripe produce from my garden, but it’s something that will certainly lead to that. It’s an archive of 44 years of gardening and homesteading knowledge from Mother Earth News – all on one CD. Every article in print and every post online from 1970 to 2013 now sits in my hands. How incredible is that?

This old-school gal is in awe that every piece of gardening and homesteading advice Mother Earth News has written since I was in grammar school fits on one disk. Gone are the days of six-foot-tall bookcases shelving monthly magazines in cardboard holders. Also gone are the hours of searching tables of contents, magazine by magazine, looking for that one piece of information you need right away. Now, years of magazines are on a five inch disk, and information can be found in seconds by entering search terms. And all for the cost of about two or three years’ subscription to a general magazine. Amazing!

Mother Earth News has two editions of their archive. One is a multiplatform edition, which can be accessed from any device you have, and the content can be searched year by year. The other edition, which I bought, is the Classic Edition which can be used only on a computer or laptop, but is completely searchable. Both editions contain “every story, tip and technique published in the magazine and online from 1970-2013,” per their website. Both editions cost only $49.95.

I was so excited about obtaining this massive library of knowledge, that I wanted to share it with you. For a great resource at a great price, get the Mother Earth News archive via the links below:

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have lots to do in the garden. But when I’m not out actually doing my homesteading thing, you can bet I’ll be cooling off indoors reading what Mother Earth News has written about it.

How about you? Care to reap some knowledge and expand YOUR homesteading library?




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