2015 Winter Forecast

2015 Winter Forecast pic

I know it’s difficult to think about winter when you’re sweating your patooty off in the garden under a summer sun, but Farmers’ Almanac has just released its 2015 winter forecast. Although the forecast could change a bit if El Nino fully develops (December-April), it seems we’ve got a cold one coming.

Per the Farmers’ Almanac, three-fourths of the United States will experience below normal temperatures this winter. The coldest areas will be the northern plains to the Great Lakes area. (That’s typical, isn’t it?) The coldest time period will be end of January/beginning of February, especially in the northern plains where temperatures could dip to 40 degrees below zero! Brrr! The only places that will experience close to average winter temperatures are the west and east coasts. (Hopefully, that includes the South!)

2015 Farmers' Almanac winter forecast map

2015 Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast map

Precipitation forecasts include copious amounts of snow leeward of the Great Lakes. In fact, the eastern third of the U.S. will receive lots of precipitation, be it snow or rain. The central and southern plains will also receive above average precipitation, whereas the southwest, upper midwest, and Great Lakes themselves will receive below average precipitation. (Sad news for the drought-suffering southwest and southern California.) Precipitation in the northern plains and Pacific northwest should be average for them.

The worst weather? Well, Farmers’ Almanac predicts the first ten days in January and the beginning of February will bring heavy precipitation (snow/rain) and high winds to the Atlantic seaboard. Bad storms will hit in mid-March, as well, from the mid-U.S. to the east coast.

This forecast could change if El Nino develops fully, as I said earlier. El Ninos typically reach their peak from December to April, so stay tuned. (For more information on El Nino, read my post, “2014 El Nino Forecast.”)

Meanwhile, we all should stock up on firewood, hot cocoa, and dreams of spring planting. It looks like it’s going to be a cold winter.



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