Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 8/16/14

It’s blazing hot in the garden…still! My plants are spending most of their energy struggling to survive the heat. However, they’re still giving me something – especially the watermelons. This past week, I harvested 17 pounds of melons, 3 pounds of peppers, 1.4 pounds of tomatoes, 1.4 pounds of eggplant, a little over a pound of winter squash, a pound of lima beans, and my first handful of raspberries! Not bad for such a scorching week.

In the photos, I list the produce from the top, clockwise.


After my big harvest the day before, when I got back from my trip, this harvest was a little on the small size.

Black futsu squash, fish peppers, rich sweetness melon, lemon drop peppers

Black futsu squash, fish peppers, rich sweetness melon, lemon drop peppers


I harvested my very first raspberries from these new canes! I snapped the picture quickly because into the mouth they went. YUMMMM!

Caroline Everybearing raspberries

Caroline Everybearing raspberries

I harvested two more white watermelons. The big one weighed almost 9 pounds by itself!

Cream of Saskatchewan watermelons

Cream of Saskatchewan watermelons

And some eggplants along with a handful of other things.

Listada de Gandia eggplant, Black Beauty eggplant, red bell pepper, rich sweetness melons, Wisconsin tomato, Black Futsu squash

Listada de Gandia eggplant, Black Beauty eggplants, red bell pepper, rich sweetness melons, Wisconsin tomato, Black Futsu squash


Another few raspberries. I can’t wait until I’m picking dozens a day. These raspberries are bigger than the variety I had before (Heritage Everbearing), and they’re just as tasty.

Caroline Everbearing raspberries

Caroline Everbearing raspberries

I harvested my first – and, unfortunately, my last – strawberry watermelons. The vine died in the heat. I haven’t cut them open yet, but they’re chilling in my fridge.

Strawberry watermelons

Strawberry watermelons

More lima beans. They really do produce all season.

lemon drop peppers

Pepperoncini, mini yellow stuffing pepper, jalapenos, Black Krim tomato, lemon drop peppers, cayenne pepper, my mystery hot pepper, cubanelle pepper, Henderson lima beans, Amish paste tomatoes. In the center: fish peppers.

I can’t wait for this months-long heat to break so my harvests will increase. May my plants survive til then!

What are you harvesting from your garden?


2 comments on “Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 8/16/14

  1. My daughter and i have two large gardens on her farm in central Ohio. We lost our zucchini plants to what i believe to be downy mildew. One of your blogs mention you had it as well and you were going to spray your plants with two things. One wss something with aspirin. You could share the recipe and again what the other remedy was, please? I think it’s too late for our plants but it would be good to have on hand.

    Thanks so much. I LOVE your blog and read it first thing every morning.

    • Hi, Jayne

      Sorry I’m just now getting back to you; busy week at work! Because you’re not the first person to ask me that question, I’m going to do an article for tomorrow’s posting with all the recipes for foliar sprays that I use in the garden – so they’ll be in the same place. I’ll also link to the detailed articles, in case anyone wants to read more. So, tune in tomorrow!

      So glad you’re enjoying my blog! You’ve made my day!

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