2014 Fall Planting

Garden Tools SGIt’s a little difficult for me to think about the fall planting when I’m sweating my patooty off in the garden in 90 degree heat! In fact, the whole fall planting thing sneaked up on me right before I left on vacation when I realized I hadn’t yet mapped out my fall garden plan.

The fall planting plan is the most difficult for me because here we have so many summer veggies still growing while fall crops are being planted. I have to determine which crops stay planted through first frost (the week before Thanksgiving) and which will be “done” or sacrificed to make room for the fall crops. Also, fall crops are planted at varying dates from August to November, adding another wrinkle in the process. Granted, having 21 raised beds makes the job easier, but I still have to put my thinking cap on and play with my garden map. Well, I can now say the plan is complete, and I’m ready to share with you what I’ll be planting for my fall crops.

If you live in Zone 8, you can follow this planting calendar. Also, if you’re not sure what you’d like to plant or would like to try new varieties this year, I’ve included links to where you can purchase the seeds I’m planting in my Sanctuary Garden this fall. Most of my seed came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, Pinetree Garden Seeds, Jung Seed, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.


  • Chioggia – I planted this for the first time in the late winter, and I love the striped color as well as the taste.
  • Early Wonder – I actually like this better than Detroit Red because it matures earlier


  • Parisienne – sweet little round carrots. They’re a new love! (I purchased the seed from Baker Creek, but they’re sold out already – a good reason to buy your seed all at once in late winter for the whole year)
  • Scarlet Nantes – my standard carrot



  • Watermelon radish – my all time favorite radish! A mild radish that looks like a watermelon slice when cut. Great color for salads!
  • Purple Plum – another mild salad radish
  • Daikon – This gives soups a great kick
  • Icicle – I use this in soups and salads
  • Beer radish – I grew this for the first time this past spring; it’s a spicy radish that’s great in salads or soups.


  • Italian Soft Neck Garlic – This fall, I’m using all my own seed garlic! (I’m so proud.) But the link will take you to the site where I originally purchased it.


  • Red Creole – a mild red onion that does very well here in South Carolina. It’s been my best onion so far.
  • Babosa – This will be my first time planting this variety. I haven’t had good success with the Texas Granex I planted the past two years, so I thought I’d try this short day onion. (I got this Burpee seed packet from a local store.)


  • Black Seeded Simpson – a mild, light green lettuce that’s my main crop
  • Red Sails – a red tinged lettuce that has become my favorite
  • Red Romaine – deep red and full of vitamins!
  • Tom Thumb – a small buttercrunch type that makes a great single serve head



Meanwhile, my winter squash, pumpkins, melons, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, butter peas, and lima beans should keep producing until the first frost. I’ll also be planting Black Valentine green beans and Beurre de Rocquencourt wax beans today for a second crop of snap beans before the frost. Where else can you plant spring and fall crops at the same time??

What will you be planting in your fall garden?



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