Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 7/20/14

Last week was a slower week for harvesting – at least compared to the past few weeks. I lost close to a dozen cucumbers to pickle worms (so no cucumbers this week), and several tomatoes to stink bugs or from splitting on the vine. However, I still pulled in quite a bit. I harvested about 1 pound of butternut squash, a half pound melon (rich sweetness), almost 6 pounds of eggplant, over 5.5 pounds of peppers (mostly hot ones), and a little over 4 pounds of tomatoes (they’re growing a new batch that are just turning red).

In the pictures, the produce is listed from the top, clockwise.


My butternut squash grow small – at least this variety – but I’ll take anything that can survive the squash vine borers!

Pear tomatoes, Betterbush butternut squash

Pear tomatoes, Betterbush butternut squash, Rutgers tomatoes, Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, Riesentraube tomatoes, Amish paste tomatoes

Lots of peppers this week.

Lemon drop peppers,

Peppers: Lemon drop, mini red bell, Emerald Giant green bell, red bell, cayenne, jalapenos, fish peppers. In the center: Pepperoncini & mini yellow stuffing peppers


Definitely a slow day in the garden today.

Rich sweetness melon, lemon drop peppers, Filius blue peppers

Rich sweetness melon, lemon drop peppers, Filius blue peppers


And more peppers!

Cubanelle peppers,

Cubanelle peppers, fish peppers, mini red bell peppers, Amish paste tomatoes, mini yellow stuffing pepper, Mortgage lifter tomatoes, Black Krim tomato, cayenne peppers. In the center from the top: pepperoncini, lemon drop peppers, jalapenos

My eggplant is loving this heat! With this harvest, I made a batch of pickled eggplant.

Listada de Gandia eggplant & Black Beauty eggplant

What are you harvesting from your garden?



6 comments on “Garden Bounty ~ Week Ending 7/20/14

  1. Loving your updates. I’m amazed at the shear variety of plants you’re growing!
    Our James Island all-container garden has been producing lots of bell peppers, eggplant, cherry and Cherokee Purple tomatoes. We even had some corn and watermelon and potatoes. The early crop of burpless cucumbers was great, but now we, too, are plagued by pickle worms. What do you recommend to fight them?

    • Those blasted pickle worms are now taking my rich sweetness melons, too. I threw out 7 melons yesterday! I have yet to figure out how to fight those things. When I do figure it out, I will surely share it with everyone.

      I hate those things. Almost as much as the dreaded squash vine borer.

  2. Wanted to follow up…the Dipel Dust (yes Bt dus)..seemed to work well. I was able to harvest three cucumbers with no evidence of the little pickle worms! I saw evidence of the little critters on our Sugar Baby Watermelon, so I dusted that as well. So far…so good. Will re-dust in a few more days to be sure!

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