Hurricane Arthur is Off Our Coast

Forecast Track for Tropical Storm Arthur as of 8 pm July 2, 2014 – Credit: National Hurricane Center

Yep…it’s that time of year, folks. The first named storm of the season is going to be off our coast all day today. As of last night, Arthur was still a tropical storm just under hurricane strength. By the time it gets off the coast of Charleston, SC, today it will be a category 1 hurricane.

The tropical depression that quickly became Tropical Storm Arthur formed off the east coast of Florida a couple days ago, and it will be riding the very warm Gulf Stream up the east coast. Thankfully, it will remain off-shore for my area, intensifying the rip currents and causing some beach erosion. We are supposed to get some stormy weather, though – thunderstorms and much-needed rain. That suits me just fine!

My house is about 25 miles from the coast, so I don’t expect anything more than windy rain in my garden. However, I did go out last night and harvest everything that was ready to be picked – just in case it gets windier than forecasted. I refuse to lose a single ripe tomato!

I’ve been staying on top of the weather forecast since the storm was named. The quick formation of Arthur right off the east coast didn’t surprise me. In my article, 2014 Hurricane Season Forecast, I shared what I learned about El Nino’s effect on hurricanes. Yes, El Nino will give us fewer Atlantic storms this year, but the ones that do form will most likely pop up off the east coast of the U.S. and travel up the coast. Well, Hurricane Arthur is fulfilling the meteorologists’ forecasts to a tee.

With the weeks of non-stop 90+ degree weather we’ve been having, the ocean off the coast of South Carolina is extremely warm. Combine that with El Nino forming in the Pacific Ocean, and I think our summer is going to go the way of the hurricane season forecast. If the other storms follow in Hurricane Arthur’s footsteps, I’d best keep my eye on the weather!

Will Hurricane Arthur affect you and your garden?

Stay safe,



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