Just Like My Grandfather

Journal & Rose pic SG

Yesterday, my father read my article, “How to Record the Weather in Your Garden,” and it nudged a memory for him; so he commented on it on my Facebook page. My father often comments on my articles, but this time was special because he told me something about my grandfather that I didn’t know.

My grandfather was a florist. He passed away when I was 11 years old, but I do have several memories of his florist shop and the large greenhouses where he grew a myriad of flowers. (See my article, “Grandpa’s Greenhouse” for pictures.) Although my memories are of the finished product – pots of flowers and beautiful arrangements – my father’s memories include the behind-the-scenes work of actually growing the flowers. After reading my article, he told me that my grandfather kept a journal of his work in the greenhouses and included the weather that affected the growing of his flowers, especially the amount of sunlight they got.

I never knew about my grandfather’s journal or what he recorded in it. I was too young to learn any gardening or horticultural tips from my grandfather. But here I am, growing a garden, tending my plants, and keeping a journal of my work in the garden and the weather that affects it.

I think of my grandfather often when I’m in my garden, wondering what he’d think if he could see me now – working the dirt, harvesting the fruits of my labor, and sharing it all on this blog with readers around the globe.

This blog is my way of giving out what I’ve obviously inherited from my grandfather – a love for growing. I never thought it would give back to me, but it has. With one blog post and one memory from my father, I now have one more confirmation that I’m just like my grandfather.

Here’s to you, Grandpa. I still miss you like crazy, but I know you’re with me in my garden.



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