Glad for Gladioli

Last May, I planted red gladioli in the front of my house. They’re my birth flower, and I’ve always loved them. In July, I had beautiful blooms to enjoy. This year, they have begun to spread, and they started blooming the end of May! Unlike last year, I just couldn’t bear to leave them outside.

A couple days ago, I cut my blooming glads to put in vases. The best time to cut them is when the stalk has two flowers open. I was a bit late with a couple of these, but close enough.

Gladioli harvest

Gladioli harvest

I don’t have tall skinny vases to put these in, but they’re so pretty, who cares? These are in my dining room.

Gladioli in vase

Gladioli in vase

These are on my fireplace hearth, at night.

Gladioli in vase at night

Gladioli in vase at night

I love gladioli because each stalk is a line of beautiful flowers.

Gladiolus flowers close up

Gladiolus flowers close up

This April, I planted pink gladioli among my red ones. I’m expecting them to bloom end of June or so. Extending the blooming beauty is okay with me!

Do you grow gladioli?






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