Good Critters in My Garden

With the intense heat and insufficient rain this early in the season, I am already combating my share of pests in the garden – many of which I normally don’t see until late summer! With all the recent skirmishes between me and these unwanted visitors, I thought I’d take a break and enjoy the welcome guests I’ve seen in my garden this month.

Many varieties of birds have come to dine in my yard recently – both at my bird feeder and throughout my lawn and garden. I’ve seen cardinals, blue jays, robins, mocking birds (one of whom is making a nest in my crepe myrtle tree again this year), warblers, wrens, sparrows, and even a wood pecker this past weekend! Unfortunately, they are difficult to photograph. By the time I get my camera ready, they’ve flown away. I did get this picture of a warbler at my bird feeder a few days ago. I’m not sure what kind it is, but it’s olive-colored with a yellow belly.

Warbler at my bird feeder

Warbler at my bird feeder

I have a few cups with seedlings in them, sitting by my shed, waiting to be transplanted into large pots. This weekend, my beau found this little guy inside one of them.

Toad in my seedling cup

Toad in my seedling cup

He’s more than welcome in my garden!

More welcome visitors? BEES!!! (My Garden Wilson took this picture with his iPhone.)

Bee on squash flower

Bee on squash flower

Along with the bees, the dragonflies have been out in full force the past couple of weeks. I saw this beauty about a week ago.


Dragonfly in my front yard

While digging up my potatoes, I found dozens of earthworms in the soil. What a happy sight for a gardener!

Earthworms in one of my raised beds

Earthworms in one of my raised beds

And here’s a bug that I actually LOVE seeing in my garden. Miss Lady Bug, please invite all your friends!

Ladybug on cucumber leaf

Ladybug on cucumber leaf

What critters are in your garden?




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