Q&A Thursday ~ How to Store Dried Herbs

How to Store Dried Herbs PicToday is the first day of something new ~ Q&A Thursdays. I’ve had several readers ask me questions via comments, email, and my Facebook page. I always respond to your questions as quickly as I can, but I thought I would also start sharing the questions and answers here so everyone can benefit. Every Thursday, I will share one question and answer from you, my readers. To participate, please send me your question via my Facebook page or by email at sanctuarygardener@gmail.com. I won’t share your name, but I will share your town or state if you give it to me. Now on to today’s question.

Q. A reader in Tennessee found my article “Drying Herbs in the Oven,” and asked how I store my herbs after I’ve dried them. That’s a great question, and something I should’ve been more specific about in my original article.

A. Once your herbs are dry, it’s best to store them whole. They will retain their flavor longer that way. (Personally, I crush my parsley and oregano after drying because I use them so frequently; I quickly empty those small containers.)

It’s best to use an airtight glass container to store your dried herbs. As you can see in the picture above, I use glass spice jars with the plastic, holed cover for sprinkling. If you have a large amount of herbs to dry at one time, you can use appropriate-sized mason jars. However, be sure your herbs are completely dry before putting them into your jars, else mold will grow on them.

I prefer clear jars so I can see the herbs and make sure there is no moisture getting into the jar. However, you can use colored glass jars, as well. Either way, store your herbs in a cool, dark place because sunlight and heat will deteriorate your herbs quickly. I store mine in a spice drawer in my kitchen.

What kind of jars do you use for your herbs? Where do you store them?



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