Expanding My Garden

Expanding My Garden picWhen I first moved to my house, I built twelve raised beds on the side of the house in the backyard and two more along my back fence. A few months later, I added another raised bed along the back fence. Last summer, I installed five more raised beds on the side – for a total of twenty. Call me addicted, but this year, I decided that twenty raised beds just weren’t enough. I needed another raised bed AND a way to move into my front yard with edible landscaping. 

I told my Garden Wilson that I wanted another raised bed in the side yard to use as my medicinal herb garden, so he built me one a couple weeks ago. I need to add cow manure compost before planting, so he left room in the bed for that.

Raised bed 21 for my medicinal herbs

Raised bed #21 for my medicinal herbs

I plan to create a walkway from my gate, past the raised beds, to the shed. This bed fit in the “corner” between the 17 beds already there and what will be the walkway. A perfect fit.

My 18 raised beds in the side yard

My 18 raised beds in the side yard

In the picture above, you can see in the background one of the teepee trellises my Garden Wilson made for me. (See “How to Build a Teepee Trellis” if you’d like to make one or more for your garden!) I put them in my front yard as part of my edible landscaping.

Teepee trellises set up in the front yard

Teepee trellises set up in the front yard

Under the taller one, I planted three Trombocino squash seedlings and a dill seed (for my companion planting); under the smaller one, I planted three tigger melon seeds and a dill seed. I can’t wait to see the vines cling to the trellises!

Last night, my Garden Wilson and I completed what will be a culinary herb garden along my front walkway. I have flower beds along the house on either side of my front door, and I was trying to think of what I could plant along the walkway. Rather than deal with seasonal flowers, I decided to extend my culinary herb garden (which I have in pots around my back patio) into the front yard.

While building this, we ran out of compost and had to run to Lowes to get more. I took this picture before we left because it was already almost  sunset. (You can see how it needs more soil.) We actually finished by the glow of my front house light!

My new culinary herb garden in the front yard

My new culinary herb garden in the front yard

I have fish peppers in the red pots, which I moved to either side of the beginning of the walkway. There are filius blue peppers in the blue pots. More edible landscaping!

I can’t wait to plant my herbs in the front and in the new raised bed. As soon as the rest of my seedlings are transplanted and all my vegetable seed is in the ground, the herbs will be planted.

If the sign of a true gardener is an ever-expanding garden, then I think I can claim that title, for sure. 🙂

How is your garden expanding?



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