Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 3/31/14

Happy news! It’s now spring, and that means it’s time to go back to my five-day-a-week posting. That’s right – starting this week, I’ll be posting every day, Monday through Friday, through final harvest in the late fall. It’s spring, and there’s so much more to share with you! Speaking of sharing, come take a look at what’s going on in my garden.


We had another frost this past week. Hopefully, this will be the LAST frost of the season!

My potatoes had just started growing again from the last frost, and they were frozen again. The grape vine leaves shriveled up, but I already see some more coming. The apple tree leaves are fine, thankfully. Everything else survived just fine.

The weather is warming up at night with lows in the upper 40s to lower 50s, so I think it’s finally time to start hardening off the seedlings. And I’m planning to start planting next weekend!


In preparation for planting my new raspberry canes – which arrived this week! – I harvested all my buttercrunch lettuce. I pulled 14 small heads of it, which I’m grateful for – considering all the cold weather we’ve had AND two ice storms.

Harvest - buttercrunch lettuce 30Mar14 SG

Buttercrunch lettuce harvest ~ March 30


As I said last week, many of my radishes are starting to bolt. Yesterday, I noticed this beautiful flower on one of my watermelon radishes.

Watermelon radish flower

Watermelon radish flower

My new raspberry canes arrived this week. I waited until after the (last) frost and after the big rain and planted them yesterday. My former canes, Heritage Everbearing, got a disease last summer; and I had to pull them all. This time, I ordered Caroline Everbearing raspberries because they are more disease resistant. I learned that they are also the most nutritious variety. I’m looking forward to tasting them this year!

Caroline Everbearing raspberry canes

Caroline Everbearing raspberry canes

When I took the canes out of the box, the roots were already starting to grow. A great sign!

Raspberry cane being planted

Raspberry cane being planted

Here are all 12 of my new raspberry canes planted. The bed now has new “fencing” around it that will hold the canes upright when they grow. (My Garden Wilson did the same for the asparagus bed, beyond the raspberry bed.) They’ll be painted white in the next week or so.

My raspberry canes planted

Raspberry canes planted


Most of my seedlings are ready to be hardened off. We’ve been waiting for the weather to cooperate. Yesterday’s temperatures were great for that, but the wind was blowing more than 15 mph – too much for seedlings going outside for the first time.

Many of my squash seedlings have lots of flower buds on them. This is one of my round zucchini seedlings.

Zucchini seedling with flower buds

Zucchini seedling with flower buds

My melons are doing well.

Melon seedlings

Melon seedlings

My tomatoes are SO ready to get out into the big garden. I’ll have to train them well to leave these grow lights.

Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings

My peppers were very slow to germinate this year. Here are two of the prettiest. Fish pepper leaves are variegated with cream, and Filius Blue peppers have purple in their leaves. Two of each of them will be planted in pots in my front yard; the rest will go in the chili pepper bed.

Fish pepper & Filius Blue pepper seedlings

Fish pepper & Filius Blue pepper seedlings


A week or so ago, I discovered a link in my website’s analytics that allowed me to view one of my articles that had been translated into Vietnamese that day. Here’s an iPhone screen capture of Drying Herbs in the Oven in Vietnamese. article translated into Vietnamese article translated into Vietnamese

How cool is that???

Okay, as wild as that is, here’s something even wilder – a robin attacking my sliding glass door. I think he’s attacking the seagulls on my stained glass seascape. For the past two springs, I’ve had robins attacking the door like this. This year, I caught the bird in action.

Robin hitting my stained glass seagulls

Robin hitting my stained glass seagulls

Now, that’s wild!

What’s happening on your homestead as we head into April?







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