First Harvest of 2014

Harvest - asparagus 3Mar14 SG

Compared to most of the country, which is under many inches (or feet) of snow, we don’t have it bad here. But it’s still colder here than it should be. I want to play in my garden. I want to plant my flowers and my veggies. I want spring weather to arrive – and STAY!

In preparation for the below-freezing temperatures that were forecast the other night, I harvested the first three asparagus spears that were longer than an inch or two. (The others, I covered with a mulch of grass clippings.) Two were large enough, one was not. I was going to lose them to the cold anyway, so I figured they were better in my stomach than shriveled on the ground. And as soon as I rinsed them off, I ate them…raw. Yum! (Okay, I shared half with my Garden Wilson. He does help me around the garden, so he deserves his share. 😉 )

I know it’s a small harvest, but it’s the FIRST harvest of 2014, a promise of all the many harvests to come. Asparagus spears shout, “Spring is coming!” In addition, my seedlings are stretching toward the grow lights in my study, creating a veritable billboard reminder that spring planting is just around the corner. Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of being ankle deep in compost, playing with my garden tools, and doting on my plants on a daily basis.

Soon, Grasshopper, soon. I know. Countdown to Spring: 13 days!

If only the weather would catch up with the calendar….


4 comments on “First Harvest of 2014

    • I love asparagus!! I lost the couple spears that were just starting to come up (frost got them), but it’s FINALLY starting to warm up and stay that way. I think the worst is over. So, I’m expecting more spears soon! Let me know when yours start poking up!

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