Pepper Relish Tartar Sauce

Pepper Relish Tartar Sauce SG

I’ve never been a great lover of tartar sauce on my fish, but the other night I thought I’d try making my own – in case my ambivalence towards tartar sauce was due to the fact that I’ve eaten only store-bought or restaurant versions. Basically, tartar sauce is mayonnaise and pickles, right? Well, I decided to kick it up a notch. The result? No more ambivalence. I now love tartar sauce! At least, my version of it.


1. The “parts” can be teaspoons, tablespoons, or even cups. Just keep the proportion the same and mix well.

~ If you don’t have any pepper relish on hand, it’s time to take out your canning pot and jars and make a batch. Your fish will love you – and you’ll love your fish!




2 comments on “Pepper Relish Tartar Sauce

  1. Sounds good! Wish I had had some last evening. First time eating out in months. Opted for fried flounder sandwich and a large salad. Their tartar sauce was okay, but this sounds excellent… especially since I like a little spice…

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