Preparing for an Ice Storm in the South

Forecast for Winter Storm Leon in coastal South Carolina

Forecast for Winter Storm Leon in coastal South Carolina

Yes, I’m posting a day early this week. (I normally post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.) However, with the forecast of an ice storm followed by snow today, I’m concerned that I may not have electricity or WiFi to post on Wednesday morning, so I’m posting on a Tuesday. As of yesterday afternoon, we officially moved from a winter storm watch to a winter storm warning, and the storm was named Leon. The Iceman cometh to South Carolina; and if he stays too long, we’ll have to call him Bubba.

Being a displaced Yankee, I know how to prepare for this storm – though I didn’t expect this kind of deja vu down South! So, removing the cobwebs from my memory, I began preparations yesterday afternoon:

  • Firewood prepped and stacked in buckets for easy transport into the house from the shed.
  • Kindling gathered in a bucket (great way to pick up the sticks in the yard)
  • All laundry done
  • Lamps and lamp oil ready to go
  • Camping stove/grill located and propane at the ready (I have an electric stove)
  • Phones are fully charged
  • Garden watered well to help my baby seedlings fend off the cold (I don’t have any covers as we don’t usually need them here!)
  • Hose turned off and drained
  • Blankets gathered in case we have to sleep by the fireplace
  • Easy-to-eat food cooked and prepped: chicken salad and macaroni salad

I also made a quick run to Ace Hardware and the grocery store yesterday for a few items I was out of. Unlike the shelves in New England when a winter storm is forecast, all the shelves here were full – including bread and milk. (I know my Yankee readers are snickering.) Do they have full pantries – or no idea how bad it can get? I did see quite a few pickup trucks at the Ace Hardware with men filling up propane tanks, so at least the grills will be at the ready!

I do NOT plan to be on the roads at all today. People down South do NOT know how to drive in snow, and worse yet – this snow will have a layer of ice underneath. Beyond dangerous! The worst of the storm won’t start until after lunch today; but I have a 20-mile commute, and I don’t want to get stuck away from home. Thankfully, I am able to telecommute, so I can work from home – as long as the electricity holds out. (It doesn’t take much ice to bring down electrical wires.)

Throughout, I will take pictures of the storm and our evening family fun during it to post on Friday (WiFi willing). Then, next Monday, I’ll include pictures of how my garden fared during the storm in my Sanctuary Gardener Update.

From my homestead to yours: stay safe, stay warm, stay HOME!


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