Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/6/14

Raised beds in the winter

Raised beds in the winter

It’s amazing the weather extremes we’ve had here this past week. New Year’s Eve was warm enough to have the windows open, then a cold wave came through that froze the rain water in my garden buckets. Yesterday was 63 degrees again, and tonight’s low will be 18 as the Polar Vortex/Arctic air dips to South Carolina. By mid-week, the high temperatures will be in the mid-60’s for at least a week. Crazy, right?


The picture above shows the majority of my raised beds ready for planting ~ either this week or in the spring (March). I’m itching to get my hands in that dirt!

My Heritage Everbearing raspberry canes caught some sort of disease, and I cut them back in late summer. I was hoping they would “come back,” but only a couple of canes showed any sign of life. So, I made the decision to pull all the canes up and start anew in the spring with a different variety of everbearing raspberry ~ Caroline raspberry. Here are the dead canes, ready for the firepit. (I didn’t want to add them to the compost pile if they were diseased.)

Dead raspberry canes

Dead raspberry canes


I mentioned last week that my beau (my “Garden Wilson”) gave me a second key lime tree when he returned from his brother’s house in the Keys. It needs to be transplanted and desperately needs a good pruning! That will be done this Friday.

Key lime tree

Key lime tree


On New Year’s Eve, birds visited my bird feeder for the first time. It’s been found!

Birds at my bird feeder

Birds at my bird feeder

In addition, a pair of Eastern bluebirds were checking out my birdhouse! I’m not sure if it’s the same couple that raised a family in that house last year, but I’m excited to see if they come back to make a home in my little house for them.

Male Eastern bluebird checking out birdhouse

Male Eastern bluebird checking out birdhouse


Here in Zone 8, it’s winter planting season now. Friday is my big day! All my seeds have arrived, the weather will be in the 60s, rain will be arriving on the weekend to water my seeds. Perfect! Come back on Wednesday, and I’ll list all the varieties I’ll be planting with links to where I purchased the seed.

What’s happening in your winter garden?


3 comments on “Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 1/6/14

  1. Hi, i just bought a 97 year old urban house in temple, Texas. zone 8. there is already three raised beds in the back yard. I intend to add more and create a flower/veggie/herb garden with stone paver walkways. I love your site as it tells me what and how to do what I Invision. Nothing super technical just simple gardening one neighbor to another. Thanks! I will continue to follow.

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