2014 Planting Calendar for Zone 8

Seed packets SG

It’s a new year on the calendar, and that means a fresh start in the garden. The seed catalogs are arriving in everyone’s mailboxes, and I received my seed orders today. I’m so excited! Seed packets spread everywhere ~ it’s like garden porn! What an exciting time of year. Last year’s garden is in the log book, and this year’s garden beckons with the possibility of new life. In the garden, there’s always another chance to plant a new seed, grow a new plant, or try a new technique.

In preparation for the new growing season ~ which starts now in Charleston, SC ~ I have revised the planting calendar on my site. For a list of what to plant when in Zone 8, please click on the tab “Zone 8 Planting Calendar” above. Or click here. Use this chart as a handy reference for all your planting needs in this zone all year long.

Ready, set, plant!


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