My 2014 Homestead Goals


I can’t believe we are only eleven days from the new year! Besides the holidays, this time of year represents a great time for looking ahead and embracing the chance to start anew. Many make New Year resolutions, but I prefer to call them my New Year plans and goals. It’s this time of year that I love to look back at the past year on my homestead and see what worked, what I could improve upon, and even what did NOT work that should be done away with. (Stay tuned for my end of year article on just that!) Then, with that information, I look ahead to how I can improve on what I’ve already done and what new things I want to add. Whether concerning my garden, my mini orchard, my home, or myself, I want next year to be even better than this past year.


I have several goals for my garden. As you know, I increased my gardening space from 15 raised beds to 20 in July, so I have so much more space to work with. Also, after learning about edible landscaping, I want to utilize my front yard to further increase my gardening space. Here are some of the ways I want to improve my garden this coming year:

  • Build another bed to start a medicinal herb garden
  • Utilize companion planting with herbs among my vegetables to draw beneficial insects and repel pests
  • Be more diligent with using compost tea as fertilizer
  • Begin to use herbal teas to assist plants with health and warding off disease
  • Expand the garden into the front yard (among my fruit trees) by: planting amarinth as a border, planting ornamental chili peppers (fish peppers) in pretty pots, and planting herbs as walkway borders.
  • Grow summer greens so I can have salad from my own garden in the summer
  • Try new varieties and new types of vegetables
  • Prune my fig tree


There are always things to be done on the homestead, but here are some of the major tasks I want to accomplish during the “winter” season:

  • Trim tree branches away from the house and very large shed
  • Repair rotted wood on my shed, add trim, and paint to match the house
  • Put together a 440-gallon rain-catching system. (I have the barrels!)
  • Possibly build a pergola to be used for kiwi plants. (I’m analyzing sunlight hours in various parts of the yard now to see if it’s feasible.)


As every homeowner knows, the list of home improvements never ends. But here is what I’d like to do over the course of 2014:

  • Paint the trim on my brick house (so large shed and house will be brilliant and color-coordinated)
  • Replace oustide lighting fixtures
  • Have my beau make me a built-in bookcase and reading bench in my living room. (He is amazing with taking a drawing and creating just what I pictured!!)


The goals for Sanctuary Gardener include this website AND aspirations for Sanctuary Gardener herself (me!).

  • Expand this website to accommodate its growth and offer more to my readers (thanks, everyone!)
  • Obtain my Master Gardener certification
  • Start writing the book I have in mind (stay tuned for updates on that down the road)
  • Join the South Carolina Herbal Society and attend meetings and workshops to begin learning more about herbs
  • Investigate herbal schools that offer distance learning courses in order to work on becoming a Master Herbalist and start saving for that goal (a goal for 2015, probably)

As with all plans and goals, things happen and plans have to be adjusted. But I have set these as my goals and will be mapping out how to accomplish them (the objectives to meet my goals). Even if I don’t accomplish all of the above, I will still be further along than I am now. And that’s progress!

What are the plans and goals you have for yourself and your homestead in 2014? Please share them with me in the comments below. I may be inspired by one of your goals and add it to my own.



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