Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 12/9/13

What an interesting week this has been! Hanukkah’s last night was Wednesday – so no more holiday cooking for me for a while! The temperatures reached the upper 70s most of the week, and actually hit 80 degrees on Friday! Yesterday’s high temperature? 48 degrees. Welcome to Charleston. I did take advantage of the warm weather on Friday and worked in the garden some. I also planned my winter and spring gardens while surrounded by new seed catalogs and drinking coffee on the dreary Saturday we had. Thinking of new plantings and seeds always brings sunshine on a winter day.


Beets and radishes are ripening now, and I pulled quite a few radishes this weekend. I love the icicle radishes (the long, fat white ones) – spicy and great in soups! Three more key limes were ready for picking, too.

Harvest ~ December 6

Harvest ~ December 6

One of my chores this weekend was to remove the dead morning glory and moonflower vines on my fence. I harvested quite a few moonflower seed pods and got enough seed to plant next year.

Moonflower seed pods

Moonflower seed pods

Moonflower seeds

Moonflower seeds


I was able to get a few raised beds cleaned up and augmented with cow manure compost. I also sowed red clover seed for a quick cover crop. I have several beds that still need to be cleaned up and augmented, but not all will get a cover crop as the winter planting is only three weeks away on New Year’s Day. 🙂

Look at this beautiful soil ~ a gardener’s happy place!

Raised bed "winterized" with cow manure compost and red clover seed

Raised bed “winterized” with cow manure compost and red clover seed

The warm weather caused one of my daikon radishes to bolt – practically overnight.

Daikon radish bolting

Daikon radish bolting

I’ve been harvesting my kale regularly by snipping off the largest leaves and letting the smaller, newer ones grow. Now the plants look like palm trees!

Kale "palm trees"

Kale “palm trees”


During Hanukkah, I hosted a large party at my home with a buffet dinner. Here’s a picture of the table, ready for the food. (I was so busy entertaining, I forgot to get a picture of the table with the food.)

Hanukkah party table ~ ready for the food!

Hanukkah party table ~ ready for the food!

I was proud to put on my table some food from my garden: rocoto sauce made with my Peruvian rocoto peppers, my award-winning hot pepper jam, fresh radishes & peppers, and cookies made with my award-winning raspberry preserves. It was a great celebration!

The Hanukkah menorrah on the last night, sitting on the hearth of my fireplace:

Hanukkiah & Ship 3 SG

As my holiday celebration ends, many of you are just beginning your holiday festivities. How are you bringing your garden into your celebrations? Food on the table? Decorations? Comment below.


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