Mid-November Harvests

I harvested so much this past weekend that I couldn’t include all the pictures in my weekly Sanctuary Gardener Update on Monday! Some of the harvest is expected this time of year – root vegetables and greens -but I’m amazed that I’m still harvesting figs and peppers. This displaced New England girl is beyond excited about harvests like this in November!


I harvested over two dozen Celeste figs! I found a recipe online and made a delicious fig cake with fig filling. (Sorry, no picture of that.)

Fig harvest 6Nov13 SG


Look at all these peppers! I think I have enough for another batch of hot pepper relish.

Pepper harvest 8Nov13 SG

Here are my first Early Wonder Beets. They’re doing much better than my Detroit Red. I’m looking forward to tasting them.

Early wonder beet harvest 8Nov13 SG


I harvested my first Easter Egg radishes.

Easter Egg radish harvest 9Nov13 SG

I love kale! About two-thirds of the harvest was boiled with onions and turkey bacon, then eaten with a couple spoonfuls of hot pepper relish. The other third of the harvest will go into a spicy beef sausage and vegetable soup.

Kale harvest 9Nov13 SG


It’s turnip time! Here are my purple-top (spicy) and golden globe (buttery) turnips.

Turnip harvest 10Nov13 SG

A few more peppers, Celeste figs, and a couple of key limes.

Harvest 10Nov13 SG

My Henderson lima bean plants are loaded with pods. Although this harvest isn’t large enough to make my Italian butter beans, I can add these to my vegetable soup.

Lima bean harvest 10Nov13 SG

I harvested quite a bit of cilantro (not shown – but used in a large batch of my key lime guacamole), flat and curly parsley, and oregano. I dried the flat parsley and oregano, and saved the curly parsley for fresh eating.

Herb harvest 10Nov13 SG

All of the above, harvested in one week – in November! As much as I enjoy the cooler months (and STILL miss getting snow), I must admit, harvests like this are a great consolation prize.

What are you harvesting this week?

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