Sanctuary Gardener Update ~ 11/11/13

It’s definitely cooled off in my garden this week. We had one night that the temperature got down to 36 degrees. Thankfully, my garden did well. However, this week the forecast calls for two nights below freezing. It’s time to pull out the drop cloths to see if I can keep my peppers ripening for a little while longer. This weekend I harvested so much that I’m going to share my harvest pictures with you in my next post.


Yes, I have plants flowering – in November. Amazing, isn’t it?

My rocoto peppers are ripening and still producing dozens of flowers.

Rocoto pepper flowers 10Nov13 SG

Yesterday, I noticed one of my parsley plants was flowering. I’ve never seen a parsley flower before.

Parsley flower 10Nov13 SG


My Celeste fig tree has dropped most of its leaves, but it still has quite a few figs left on it. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to ripen before the frost gets them. With most of the branches bare and the figs hanging on, the tree looks like something alien, don’t you think?

Fig tree 10Nov13 SG

I’m hoping the frost doesn’t get to my lemon drop pepper plants. I have so many peppers yet to ripen.

Lemon drop pepper plant 8Nov13 SG

These lemon drop pepper plants are still producing new peppers, too.

Baby lemon drop peppers 10Nov13 SG

Remember my roma tomato “weed”? I have several bunches of tomatoes growing on it, so I’m going to cover it well this week. I’d love to see if this “experiment” allows for a few ripe tomatoes.

Tomatoes on tomato weed 10Nov13 SG

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a single winter squash from what I planted. Between the pickle worms and lack of pollination, all I’ve had are vines and flowers. Look at my spaghetti squash vine. It grew through the fence and into my neighbor’s yard.

Spaghetti squash vine through fence 8Nov13 SG

In the spring, I planted five purple and four green artichoke plants. Of the nine, only two plants have survived – one of each, purple and green.

Artichoke 10Nov13 SG

My key lime tree has about a dozen fruit on it, and I harvested my first three key limes this week. I intend to taste one of them tonight. Here’s the tree before I picked the ripest ones. (By the way, key limes are ripest when they start to turn yellow.)

Key lime tree 10Nov13 SG

This week, I think I’ll start taking my key lime tree inside every night. I don’t want to lose my fruit – or the flowers that have just started blooming again.

In my next post, I’ll share pictures of this past weekend’s harvest.

What’s happening in your garden or on your homestead?

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