My New Neighbors

While I was drinking my coffee Friday morning, contemplating the day’s gardening chores, something caught my eye outside my window. My first thought was, “No…it can’t be.” I put down my coffee and walked onto my patio – in pajamas and all. And I’ll be darned if it wasn’t what I thought! Chickens in my neighbor’s yard!

Barefoot and sporting pink plaid pajamas, I tenderly walked across my backyard to the fence to take a closer look. The house whose yard sits behind my shed has shown no signs of life for a very long time. A couple months ago, carpenters were at work on the house, so I figured we were getting ready for new neighbors. I’ve yet to see people at the house, although there is a gas grill near the back door. Someone must live there. And they have two chickens!

New neighbor's chickens

New neighbor’s chickens

I got so excited! With my plan to build a coop and raise five hens soon, I was overjoyed to know I have a like-minded neighbor.

The chickens were foraging all day Friday and Saturday, but were out of sight on Sunday. I didn’t see a chicken coop in the yard, but there was an opening to the crawl space under the house. I’m wondering if that’s where they’re staying at night until a coop can be built. Or…are they someone else’s chickens?

It’s a mystery, but I’m looking forward to peeking behind my shed every day to see if my new neighbors are foraging about.

One of my neighbor's chickens

One of my neighbor’s chickens

Do you raise chickens in your backyard? Do your neighbors?

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