Seasonal Schedule Change

Hi, everyone! For the past ten months, I have posted an article every week day (Monday through Friday). I want to let you know that, due to seasonal changes and my upcoming writing and editing commitments, I will be posting three days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the spring. My posts will still bring you what you’ve come to love and expect, just at a reduced schedule. Every Monday will still be my Sanctuary Gardener update with the past week’s garden pictures and updates. The other two days will be updates on my homestead, informative articles, and recipes.

So, spend some time in your fall garden (if your weather allows), enjoy your preserved summer harvests, and grab a cup of coffee or tea as you sit by your fire and continue to visit with me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Photo Credit: Because it’s October, I thought I’d find a picture that fit the season. This is a picture from the 1958 movie, “I Bury the Living.”

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