My Favorite Gardening Channels on YouTube

Happy Friday, everyone! I figured I’d continue my theme and round out the week with my favorite gardening channels on YouTube. When I first moved into my home and began to map out my garden, I knew some basic things about gardening but it felt woefully inadequate. So, my beau got the idea to search YouTube to see if there were any videos we could watch to teach us what we didn’t know before I got started. I watched so many videos, I couldn’t even tell you all of them. However, there are four channels that I subscribe to and watch on a regular basis. Today, I’ll share those with you.


MI Gardener: This channel was created by a young man named Luke. He is an urban gardener who farms 100% organically and shares his garden with us. I have enjoyed watching the progress in his garden, his instructions on planting and seed saving, his experiments. It is a joy to watch someone as young as Luke “get back to the land.” He has a store where he sells fertilizer and seeds (his own), and I’ve received some of his seed during a free seed giveaway that has grown very well. Take a look at his channel; even us older folks can learn from this enthusiastic whipper-snapper. 😉

Praxxus 55712: Produced by a midwesterner named Ray, this was the first channel I discovered on YouTube two years ago; and I’ve been an avid watcher ever since. I learned so much from Ray that I implemented in my own garden. He is very knowledgeable and has a very conversational way with his teaching. His gardening tips were a great help in the beginning of my gardening endeavors, but I still learn from his videos. Also, Ray has a free seed giveaway every January, so be sure to stay on the lookout for his list around the holidays!

Voodoo Garden: This is a complimentary channel to Praxxus 55712, also produced by Ray. Whereas Praxxus 55712 deals with Ray’s outside garden, Voodoo Garden is about his INSIDE garden. Yes, Ray has a huge room in his house that he uses as his grow room. Because he is so far north, he gets a headstart on the growing season inside his house and shares his gardening techniques for growing indoors. If you want to container garden inside, or get a jump on the growing season, this is the channel for you.

Titli’s Busy Garden: I discovered this channel through a Facebook post, and I am so glad I did. Titli is a backyard gardener who lives on the border of England and Wales. Although her gardening zone is very different than mine, I have thoroughly enjoyed her videos! Not only have I learned things from her, but watching her productions is sometimes like watching a comedic variety show. She is hilarious! If you would like to learn about gardening while being entertained, this channel is great!

Are there YouTube channels that you enjoy? Gardening? Homesteading? Cooking? Please share in the comments below. I’m always in the mood to grab a cup of coffee and watch a good gardening video.

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