My Favorite Homesteading Websites

It seems I’ve embarked on a weekly theme of “my favorites,” and today’s faves will be websites. There are so many websites that I visit during the course of a month, especially while I’m doing some background research for my posts here. But there are a few that I go to time and again, sometimes even daily. I thought I’d share those with you today.

The list below doesn’t include all the websites I visit – just some of my “regulars,” in no certain order.


National Center for Home Food Preservation: This is a wonderful site for all kinds of information on canning and preserving. Whether you’re brand new at canning (as I was a year ago) or a pro, this site has the basics, gives potential solutions for canning problems, and includes many approved recipes. Remember: ratios regarding acid content and/or sugar content is critical for preservation. When in doubt, check this site out.

Pick Your Own: I discovered this site through a Google search, and it has become one I visit regularly. It has great information on where to find farmers markets and pick-your-own farms and orchards, as well as recipes for canning and freezing (with photos). It also includes links for canning supplies, books, and other resources.

Farmer’s Almanac: Just like the old almanac our grandfathers used (and that’s still published today), the website has great information for gardeners and farmers. If you sign up for their monthly newsletter, you’ll get great articles on weather, farming, gardening, etc. I use the site daily for weather forecasts, planning my planting (including how to plant by the phases of the moon), and seasonal information. I’m seriously thinking of purchasing the annual almanac for 2014!

Clemson University Cooperative Extension: Clemson University is South Carolina’s go-to university for all things horticultural. This is the university that analyzes my soil samples, as well as organizes gardening seminars and teaches the Master Gardener Course for our state. I go to their site often to get specific growing information on crops for our zone. If you live in South Carolina, this is the site for you. If not, you can go online and find YOUR local co-op extension for information specific to your area.

Mother Earth News: I discovered this site a week or so ago, so I’m still new to what’s on it. But what I’ve read online so far has been so informative, I signed up for their newsletter and put this on my faves list. This is a great site for organic gardening, green living, homesteading, do-it-yourself, and more. There’s a wealth of information I’ve yet to dig through!

Lehman’s: A coworker of mine suggested I check this site out, and I’m glad he did. Their tag line is “Simple products for a simpler life,” and it’s true. This site sells great homesteading products at great prices. You can find oil lamps, grain mills, dehydrators, home and garden supplies, tools, etc. Check this site out before shopping elsewhere. They have some great buys.

Other ideas: Don’t forget to peruse nursery websites (like Stark Brothers Nursery) with their growing guides, articles, and videos. Sites like Grow Organic often include informative articles and videos along with their organic products for sale.

As you know, the web is a vast supply of information. If you have some favorite websites I haven’t mentioned, please share with us in the comments below. It’s a great way for us to learn together.

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