The Fair is Coming!

It’s October, and here in the Charleston, SC area that means it’s fair time. Every year, on the last Thursday of October, the Coastal Carolina Fair kicks off eleven days of fun. I’ve missed only a couple of years since I moved here eighteen years ago. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall. This year, however, I’m looking at the fair a little differently.

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Of course, I still want to attend the fair for all the annual fun – the concerts, the farm animals, the flower arrangements, the quilts, the food, etc. But now, I’m an urban farmer, so I’m wondering if I should actually participate in the fair this year. Yes, I’m considering entering my canned goods in the competition for the very first time.

So, because it’s my first time, I’m calling on all you seasoned canners and fair competitors out there to give me your advice. Should I enter these in the competition?

Raspberry preserves

Raspberry preserves

Hot pepper jam

Hot pepper jam

Hot pepper relish

Hot pepper relish

Should I enter one or two? How about all three? They’re in different categories, so I would be allowed to enter all of them.

Think any of them are ribbon worthy? Please comment below!

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