Amazing Pepper Harvest

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had an incredible pepper harvest one day last week. I hadn’t harvested in several days, so I took my basket out to the garden to see what might be ripe enough to pick. Was I surprised! After almost an hour of harvesting, I filled this huge basket with sweet and hot peppers. It was so full, the picture couldn’t show all that was in it. So, I took separate pictures of all the peppers.

I received seed from an online friend for “mini red heart” sweet peppers. These red babies are not sweet! They’re hot, hot, hot – with a fantastic flavor. I can’t figure out what they actually are, so I call them my mystery hot pepper.

Jalapenos & "Mystery hot pepper"

Jalapenos & “Mystery hot pepper”

When you look at the following pictures, you’ll notice that I call several different-looking peppers “pepperoncini.” It’s not a mistake. I planted pepperoncini from seed that I received from a major seed catalog, and they were obviously cross-pollinated. (See Puzzling Pepper Pollination if you’d like to read more on that.) So, I nicknamed the peppers based on what they look like.

Cubanelle peppers & banana pepperoncini

Cubanelle peppers & banana-pepperoncini

Bell-pepperoncini, fish peppers, lemon drop peppers

Bell-pepperoncini, fish peppers, & lemon drop peppers

Thai chili-pepperoncini & normal pepperoncini

Green bell peppers

Green bell peppers

That’s a lot of peppers, eh? My food saver and dehydrated were put to good use on this harvest, for sure.

What summer crops are still producing in your garden?

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