Creepy Critters

Okay, I admit…I’m not fond of most creeping things – like insects or worms or snails. You know, the things that creep upon the earth (to use Biblical terminology) and are often creep-y. I know some of these things are helpful to the garden, but I don’t have to like seeing some of them, do I? Well, I thought I’d share a few of the creepy things I’ve seen on my homestead in the past week or two.

It seems that I have confirmation that cicadas have been in my garden. A couple weeks ago, my beau found two exoskeletons stuck to the back wall of my shed where the cicadas had shed them. (No pun intended. haha)

Molted cicada exoskeleton

Molted cicada exoskeleton

Spiders…my yard and garden are FULL of them! I absolutely hate spiders! I’d rather play with snakes than be near a spider. I know, I know…some gardener I am. And I know the non-poisonous ones are beneficial to the garden. But how would you like to see THIS one in front of your face as you turned a corner? <shudder>

Golden silk spider

Golden silk spider

That thing was huge! I had the creeps all day after seeing that.

Last week, while watching a movie in my living room, my beau and I saw something moving near my fireplace. Although this is a creeping thing, it wasn’t actually creepy. In fact, I thought it was rather cute. He caught it and set it free outside. I’ve been trying to identify it, but I don’t know what kind of lizard this is. Maybe it’s a type of gecko?? I guess the question of the day today is: Can anyone identify this little lizard?

Brown lizard (gecko?) found in my living room

Brown lizard (gecko?) found in my living room

Well, that’s enough for the creepy creeping things for now. Halloween isn’t until NEXT month!

2 comments on “Creepy Critters

  1. Yikes Rosemarie 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creepy crawley things with us, these weren’t too bad, I have seen worse here in the lowcountry and I don’t even maintain a garden !!!! Good articles I enjoy reading, keep up the great work !

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