My Quest for a Ripe Fig

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been waiting to taste my first ripe fig – ever. Well, today was the day! All I can say is WOW!!! The wait has been worth it. A couple weeks ago or so, I had two ripe figs that I missed; and they stayed on the tree too long and bugs were eating them. So, they went into the compost pile. I was then determined to find out EXACTLY when the figs on my Celeste fig tree were ripe. Here’s my journey in pictures.

I harvested the first fig when it was just starting to feel soft. (Sorry, for the fuzzy picture.) It smelled very unripe, so I knew I had picked it too early.

Fig not quite ripe

Unripe Celeste fig

I waited four more days and harvested another fig that was a little further along in ripeness. It was softer and more golden, but the inside still smelled “green.”

Almost ripe Celeste fig

Almost ripe Celeste fig

Almost ripe Celeste fig sliced

Almost ripe Celeste fig sliced

I waited six more days (today), and harvested two more – one more ripe than the other. The first one could’ve stayed on the tree another day or two. I tasted this one (my first taste of a fresh fig). It was semi-sweet with a little “green” after taste.

Celeste fig barely ripe

Barely ripe Celeste fig

Barely ripe Celeste fig sliced

Barely ripe Celeste fig sliced

The second fig I harvested today was the bomb! I have found my ripe fig! When the skin is golden brown and waxy looking with cracks in it, it’s done. I dug into it with a spoon, ate all the insides, then plopped the skin into my mouth. It was amazing! The taste was sugary sweet like candy.

Ripe Celeste fig

Ripe Celeste fig

Ripe Celeste fig sliced

Ripe Celeste fig sliced

On my tree there are two figs that should be ripe tomorrow or the next day. I will be searching my tree daily for these sugary droplets of heaven. If enough ripen at one time, I’m going to make fig preserves. I bet THAT would be heaven!


Do you have a fig tree? When are your figs ripe? How do you eat them?


2 comments on “My Quest for a Ripe Fig

  1. Our neighbor has a fig tree and we harvest the figs that hang over the fence. They are so wonderful. We’ve planted our own fig tree and it died due to the winter freeze but it then sprouted again. It has a couple figs growing on it but we’ll see if it makes it through the summer.

    • Wow…guess the roots were still alive. That’s what happened to both my pomegranate trees. I planted them last spring (2012), and we got 80 degree weather in January this year. Faked out the tree, the leaves came out, then the subsequent frost killed them. But…I have a few new branches coming up from the roots, so there’s still hope! The bad thing is that I bought fruiting size trees, so now I’ll have to wait longer for fruit. Well, at least they’re not dead!

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