Empty Nest

Today, I want to give you an update on the Eastern Bluebird family which chose my birdhouse to raise their young. If you are new to my site, you can read my initial post regarding the first sighting of the bluebird couple, as well as the post on the newly hatched babies. Although I personally never saw the babies (only heard them), my beau had the wonderous experience of seeing them be fed – and had the ability to catch them on camera. (See above picture of one of the babies.)

We’re unsure how many eggs actually hatched, learning that it’s possible to have only one hatchling per brood. Yes, you read that right. Down south, Eastern Bluebirds can have two or even three broods per year. That makes me think that the initial sighting may not have been a different couple who changed their minds about my birdhouse, afterall. It very well could’ve been the same couple with their first brood; because it was so early in the season, I wasn’t outside enough to notice any hatchlings. We thought the couple had changed their minds and was removing the nest material. However, thinking back on it, we remembered we saw “white things” in the couple’s mouths on a couple occasions – which, we learned, is most likely “poop sacs” from hatchlings. (The parents remove the “poop sacs” to keep the nest sanitary.) So, it’s possible that the hatchling in the picture above is from Brood #2 from the same couple. I can’t prove that, but it is possible.

Baby Eastern Bluebird in my birdhouse

Baby Eastern Bluebird posing in my birdhouse

Well, just as I was getting used to my bluebird family being around, my beau saw the baby fly out of the birdhouse last week. The hatchling learned to fly! A day or so after that, the family was gone. We haven’t seen them in days. The nest sounds empty. It seemed so fast. Come to find out, it is. Bluebird eggs are hatched in about two weeks, and the hatchlings can fly in two to three weeks.

I’m sad. Then again, I read that the family often returns, fledglings included, to feed. Maybe I’ll get to see my bluebird family again soon. If so, I’ll let you know.


Do you have any baby birds on your homestead?


2 comments on “Empty Nest

  1. Rose, I had a bird family nesting in my downspout elbow and they left their nest yesterday!!! I am so saddened, but my husband is grateful the poop station on the deck will now be clean~

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