Crushing Tomatoes the Easy Way

The tomato crop is coming in – by the dozens every day now! This weekend I had an abundance of tomatoes, so it was time to make my famous arrabiata pasta sauce. But what gardener with a full time job has time to blanch dozens of tomatoes to remove the skins? I don’t! So, a month or so ago, I purchased a manual Victorio Food Mill (with additional attachments) to take care of that for me. The advertisement stated that it would remove the skins and seeds without blanching. At first, I was a little leery about how well it would work; but after one use, I’m a believer!

The food mill was easy to assemble and attached to my counter well. All I had to do was attach the tomato/apple strainer and quarter my tomatoes first.

Tomatoes ready to crush

Tomatoes ready to crush

Next, I pushed the tomatoes into the hopper and turned the crank.

Crushing tomatoes with food mill

Crushing tomatoes with food mill

Turning the crank was smooth, and the tomatoes passed through easily. The skins and seeds popped out through the clear attachment on the left while the pulp and juice flowed down in front. I took the skins and seeds and pushed them through the hopper a second time and got a little more pulp and juice out of them. After two passes, here’s what was left of all those tomatoes:

Tomato skins & seeds after processing

Tomato skins & seeds after processing

And here’s what I had to make tomato sauce with:

Crushed tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes

I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how little time it took! And it was a cinch to clean, too. I’m 100% satisfied with my food mill. I can’t wait to use it for apple sauce, salsa, pumpkin puree (when I can get my pumpkins to grow!), etc.

I pulled out my homegrown onions, garlic, and herbs to go along with my garden fresh tomatoes, and what a sauce I made! I believe that food mill is my kitchen’s new best friend.


Do you have a food mill? What are your favorite kitchen tools to process your garden delights?


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