Safe in the Storm

This past week, Charleston, SC was rocked by several storms – a couple of them quite intense. This isn’t Oklahoma and we’re not in Tornado Alley, but every now and again we do get tornado warnings. One evening this week, I remained at work later than I had planned because of a tornado warning. The radio was buzzing, my phone was beeping, and the sky was black. I was not about to get in my little Kia and hit the highway in that kind of storm!

When the tornado warning expired, I rushed to the car to hurry home (a half hour drive on the interstate). During the drive, another tornado warning was issued for the area where I used to live, not too far from downtown Charleston where I work. Someone spotted a funnel cloud! There were reports of torrential rain and hail, as well.

I drove through heavy rain for a while, and then it let up. I was unsure what I would find when I got home – especially in my garden. Surprisingly, the storm never passed over my house! I dodged the bullet on that one! Unfortunately, southern Charleston got the brunt of the storm.

Storm photos ~ Charleston, SC June 26, 2013 Photo credit:

Storm photos ~ Charleston, SC June 26, 2013
Photo credit:

The next day, we had another storm. No tornado warnings, but torrential downpours and straight line winds. This storm DID pass over my house. I was at a meeting in the evening, and I could hear the wind and the rain. I wondered how my garden was faring.

Psalms 107:29a states that “He makes the storm a calm…” And I believe the Lord protected my home during this storm. There were trees down in my neighborhood. This is a tree that fell on our Walgreens.

Tree down at Walgreens in Charleston, SC area

Tree down at Walgreens in Charleston, SC area

Yet, no trees came down around my home. The wind was strong, though. It actually blew the bark off one of my crepe myrtle trees!

Bark blown off my crepe myrtle tree

Bark blown off my crepe myrtle tree

My garden was fine, too. The wind blew off six tomatillo husks (the tomatillos hadn’t started growing in them quite yet) and a couple of tomatoes. One tomato plant was blown over, but it was held up by the fence around my yard. A few branches were in the yard, needing to be picked up. Other than that….nothing.

After the storm, a rainbow came out.



It reminded me that God is in the midst of the storm and is a refuge for those who run to Him.

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