Baby Bluebirds Have Arrived

In April, I posted about a couple of Eastern bluebirds checking out my birdhouse. We watched them build a nest and waited with anticipation for the sound of tiny peeps as baby bluebirds popped out of their eggs. However, after a couple of weeks, it seemed as if the couple decided they weren’t going to stay. Instead of carrying nesting material to the birdhouse, we watched them carry material from the birdhouse. And then, they were gone. Weeks went by with no activity. We didn’t even see a bluebird, male or female. The birdhouse sat empty, rejected, its entrance a gaping “oh” of sadness. But about three or four weeks ago,

First, we noticed a male bluebird flying around the birdhouse, then the female came a couple days later. I’m not sure if this is the same couple as before, returning to my birdhouse after not finding a better place. Or maybe this is a new couple. Either way, my birdhouse is joyfully occupied.

Female Eastern bluebird ~ at my birdhouse

Female Eastern bluebird ~ at my birdhouse

We “crossed our fingers,” hoping this couple would stay and soon lay eggs. This was confirmed last week when the male bluebird became very protective of the area around the birdhouse. During my son’s birthday cookout, we watched the male bluebird corner a squirrel on my patio, leaving him cowering against a shelf I have against the house, while he stood guard on my roof. When I shooed the squirrel off my patio, the male bluebird dive-bombed him and chased him all the way to the fence. I’ve never seen a squirrel move so fast! I just wish I could’ve recorded it, but there was no time to get the camera. A couple days later, the male chased away a mockingbird. Yes, there were surely eggs in the birdhouse!

This weekend, we noticed increased activity by both the male and the female. While sitting on the patio, we could see a worm in the female’s beak as she landed on the perch of the birdhouse. She poked her head inside, then flew away with an empty beak. She was feeding her young!

Female Eastern bluebird ~ after giving her young a worm

Female Eastern bluebird ~ after giving her young a worm

Shortly afterwards, we saw the male come, poke his head inside the birdhouse, then fly away with something white in his beak. We think he was removing pieces of eggshell.

Male Eastern bluebird ~ at my birdhouse

Male Eastern bluebird ~ at my birdhouse

And then, Saturday night, we heard them! Very tiny, very soft peeping coming from the birdhouse. As soon as Mama or Papa arrived, the peeping started and lasted for a minute or so after they left. Then it was silent until Mama or Papa returned. It was so soft, I couldn’t get it recorded on my phone. But I did get a small video of Mama bluebird coming to the house with food. The male was sitting on the branch above the house, but it’s difficult to see him in the video (until the end when he flies in front of my phone camera). Unfortunately, I don’t know how to edit a video, so you’ll have to wait a few seconds before you see Mama bird arrive.

I will try to get a recording of the birds chirping, if I can. You certainly can’t hear anything in this video other than the insects! Hopefully, I can get some pictures – or video – of the babies when they are old enough to poke their heads outside the house!

Do you have any baby birds in your backyard?

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