A Gardener’s Work is Never Done

With my fiscal year-end work schedule and Charleston’s summer storm schedule, I am woefully behind in my gardening chores! I’m either working until dark, or it’s raining or too wet to do what I need to do if I get home before sunset. Last night, I was in the garden until I couldn’t see anymore – harvesting cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, and close to 100 pepperoncini! I also topped my paste tomato plants because they were so long, they were bending over each other! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do any more than that. So, today being my weekly day off, I have quite the list of chores to accomplish.

With all the rain, I am long past due on applying more copper fungicide to my tomato plants. The Septoria Leaf Spot has had a field day with all the moisture, too, and I have so many more branches I’ll have to trim off. I’m praying it’s not too late to save my plants. So, my new gallon sprayer is coming out and copper fungicide solution is going in today! I’m going to spray my cucumbers, too, because they’re getting yellow spots on the leaves and I’m concerned it may be some kind of blight. (Maybe halo blight??) Hopefully, the copper fungicide will prevent spreading of that, too.

I’m also past due on feeding my tomatoes. I actually skipped a feeding (weather, schedule, etc). I could’ve done it a few days ago, but I figured I’d just get back on schedule. It’s been a month since I fed them. (Feedings are every two weeks.) So, now I also have to feed my other plants, which get done monthly. I’m going to wait until tomorrow morning for that as the ground needs to dry out a little more before I add more water (to water in the fertilizer).

Today, I will apply a foliar application of epsom salts. I skipped a feeding of that, too. (Same reasons as above.) My plants are showing signs of magnesium deficiency again, so it surely is past due.

Of course, I have to weed – again! Thank you, rain, for that. And the mulch needs to be addressed, as well.

That’s the outside chores. Now for the inside ones of cooking and preserving. Due to all the rain and the heat, I’ve been harvesting like crazy! (Come back on Sunday to see what I harvested this week.) I have more to harvest today, too, including the kale – which I’ll have to cook up this afternoon.

Kale ~ mid June harvest time

Kale ~ mid June harvest time

Remember all those pepperoncini I picked? I have to put those up today. Some were the banana pepper type, which I’m going to freeze. Some were the chili type, so I’ll dehydrate those. The bulk of them were true pepperoncini, and they’re going to be pickled. I also have a couple dozen cucumbers that will become kosher dill spears this afternoon.

Cucumbers ~ Time to pickle!

Cucumbers ~ Time to pickle!

I have a huge bag of snap beans and wax beans, so I’m going to make a batch of bean salad. I have tomatoes ripening on the window sill for now, but I have a few green tomatoes that fell off the plants while I was trimming last night. Not one to waste anything, I’m going to fry up a small batch of fried green tomatoes for supper.

Finally, my herbs are overflowing their pots. It’s time to harvest a bunch and dry them in the oven.

Thyme & oregano

Thyme & oregano



Well, all that said, I need to run. I have a lot of work to do!


What garden chores are on your list this weekend?

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