Life in the Garden

Spring’s warmer weather brings so much to the garden besides new growth. It brings new life – what I call garden critters. Some we expect, like birds and insects. Others we’re surprised by, like this snapping turtle that visited my homestead after a rainstorm a couple of weeks ago. I live at least two or three miles from the nearest water (a pond), so I’m not sure how this little guy found his way to my place. He was plodding along in the rivulets on the side of the road near my driveway, and I ran out in my slicker and wellies to get a picture. After avoiding quite a few snaps, we finally got him into a bucket so the neighbor’s excited boys could take him to the pond and release him.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a couple of Eastern bluebirds who were checking out the never-lived-in birdhouse I have in my backyard. At the time, I wasn’t sure if they were going to build a nest in my house or not. Well, they are! And I finally got pictures of the male.

Male Eastern bluebird

Male Eastern bluebird at my birdhouse

Male Eastern bluebird posing for me!

Along with the bluebirds moving into my birdhouse, there is a Cardinal couple making a nest in the neighbor’s tree. They often come to my yard to find food and nesting material. I zoomed my phone camera for this picture of the couple together; I hope to get a better one soon.

Cardinal couple in my yard

Cardinal couple in my yard

I also see blue jays, mockingbirds, and robins in my yard, too.

Of course, a garden couldn’t be a garden without bees; and the large amounts of clover I have are drawing the bees by the dozens!

Bee on my clover

Bee on my clover

A favorite of most Southern gardeners, especially for their bug-eating ability, is the Carolina anole. A cute little lizard that changes color (green to brown), depending on the background. Here is one among my potato plants.

Carolina anole among my potato plant leaves

Carolina anole among my potato plant leaves

What wildlife is joining you in YOUR garden? Stop by my Facebook page and let me know!

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