How to Build a Garden Trellis

Pole beans, peas, and cucumbers all love to grow upwards – and need to be staked or trained on a trellis. Personally, I think a trellis is not only more functional with a large surface area perfect for vining tendrils, but it’s also beautiful when full of green leaves, flowers, and fruit. So, last year I asked my very talented beau to build a couple of trellises for my garden. The picture above is what he created. As I am not well versed in carpentry, I asked him to write today’s post so you can enjoy a trellis or two in your own garden.

This is an easy, lazy afternoon project that took me only a couple of hours to bang together.Ā  The materials list below is for one trellis:

  • Four 72″ x 5 1/2″ x 5/8″ dog ear fence pickets
  • One roll of 48″ netting
  • Nail staples
  • Fasteners of your choice (I used 6″ plastic wire ties)
Trellis Diagram 1

Trellis Diagram 1

  • Cut a 1 1/2″ x 60 1/2″ section out of two of the pickets. These will be your top rails. Don’t throw away the waste; it will be used for your 16″ cross members. (See Diagram 1.)
  • Convert the two remaining pickets into four legs per Diagram 1.
  • You can use nails or screws to attach the legs to the top rails, but I went McGyver by drilling holes and using plastic wire ties. I was worried the thin lumber would be prone to splitting.
Trellis Diagram 2

Trellis Diagram 2

  • After you attach the legs to the top rails, attach the netting to each side (top rail and two legs) using nail staples. (See Diagram 2.)
  • As shown in Diagram 2, attach the two sides together with cross members on each end and on the top. I did this with wire ties after setting each side into the dirt. The angled bottoms of the legs tighten the screen when you set them into the ground.
  • When I made these, there ended up being a 6″ gap between the bottom of the netting and the ground, which was a blessing because it allowed for weeding and errant vegetable retrieval inside the trellis.

Use this plan – or your own creative version – to grow your garden up and up and up!

Cucumbers on the trellis

Cucumbers on the trellis

Didn’t he do a wonderful job? And they’ll serve me for years to come.

By the way, if you’re wondering why he didn’t sign his name to his post, it’s because he prefers to be known as my “Garden Wilson.” No pool boy for me; just my yard boy, “Wilson.” <grunt, grunt>

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