Comfy Garden Seat

There’s nothing worse than getting a sore back from bending over your garden to plant or weed. I found squatting just transferred the pain from my neck and back to my thighs and feet, so that didn’t work. I also didn’t care for kneeling on the garden pad I bought; after an hour or two, my knees started to hurt. Enter my knight-in-shining-armor with the perfect solution: a customized garden seat.

I love my garden seat. It fits perfectly between my raised beds, which are 18 inches apart. With the garden pad I bought on top, it becomes a comfy seat to straddle. Because my beds are only four feet wide, I can reach to the middle of the bed on each side without straining.

If you would like to make a garden seat for your raised beds, it’s very inexpensive and can be made in less than an hour. Just use scrap lumber, 6-penny and 12-penny nails, and a little exterior paint.

Use this plan, and adjust for the width of your raised beds if they’re not 18″ apart.

Garden Seat Plan forbeds 18" apart

Garden Seat Plan for
beds 18″ apart

Here are a couple of close-ups of my seat:

Garden Seat Underside

Garden Seat Underside

Seat snuggled between the beds

Seat snuggled between the beds

And here’s my comfy garden seat in action:

Last spring's planting

Me during last spring’s planting

Make a garden seat for yourself, and watch your garden hours comfortably fly by. You may be surprised how long you’ve been gardening. And I’m all for more hours in the garden!

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