Grinder in the Garden

I just got the greatest garden tool this past weekend – and for just a few dollars on Craigslist. It’s a manual, steel Porkert 12 meat grinder (made in the Czech Republic). What? A meat grinder in the garden? You bet!

I was tired of chopping my table scraps and crushing my shells by hand before putting them into the compost pile. In fact, I admit, sometimes I was too lazy to chop them up and they went into the pile in large pieces – which took forever to decompose. But no more!

As soon as I got the grinder, I attached it to the side of my compost bin. (I used nails because I didn’t have any screws, although screws would’ve been a better choice.)

Meat grinder attached to compost bin

Meat grinder attached to compost bin

Now making sure my table scraps are small enough for the compost pile is so easy! And kind of fun.

Here are today’s table scraps – banana peel, overripe tomato, rubbery carrot, orange peels:

Table scraps

Table scraps

Just put into the meat grinder and crank the handle:

Grinding table scraps

Grinding table scraps

When you’re done, your scraps look like this:

Ground table scraps

Ground table scraps

Perfect for the compost pile. Just bury and you’re done!

Now here’s the grinder in action:

It’s a helpful tool with a little turn of fun in the garden!


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