Free Seed Giveaway!

Now that I’ve listed the winter planting schedule (see Calendar tab above), it’s time to get your seed. If you’ve never planted anything before, a great way to start is with free seed. My first season, about a quarter of what I planted was from the 2012 free seed giveaway I found on YouTube.

YouTube is a great resource for gardening videos; and every January, gardeners across the country give away the seed they’ve saved, usually for the price of a self-addressed stamped envelope. My favorite YouTube gardener – and the one I’ve learned the most from thus far – is Ray Browning. You can find his informative videos on YouTube at Praxxus55712 and Voodoo Garden. Ray’s 2013 free seed giveaway is underway, but you have to hurry. It ends January 31, 2013! Just click on this link and follow the video instructions. Simple as that!

For other possible free seed sources, a YouTube search for “2013 free seed giveaway” yields quite a few opportunities. Also check out the Facebook page of American Seed Alliance (a group you can join).

Of course, you can always purchase your seed, too. The local garden centers do not have their 2013 seed out yet (not until end of February), but you can order seed online for the winter planting. Please take a look at my Seed and Supply tab above for great options. (I’ll be updating this list regularly, so check it often!)

I hope that gives you some ideas on how you can get planting and fill your winter with a little green!

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